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I'm running low on goldy chow, so I've been crusing around looking to see if there's anything new I could try that they'd like.

So I'm making a list of stuff that I'm finding and leaving it up to the experts to yay or nay.

Seaweed (different colors? Is there a difference?)

Nutrafin Max Freeze Dried Tabs (Krill, Tubifex Worms, Shrimp Meal, Blood Worms)

freeze dried daphnia

Deco feathered plants (made from freeze dried seaweed)

O.S.I Spirulina Nibblers

Can they eat just about any fish food? (ie: cichlid, marine, tropical)

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Well, they can eat a lot of different foods, but the manufactured foods for cichlids, marine, tropicals, etc., are formulated with certain proteins and nutrients specific to that particular group of fishes' needs. So, in a pinch, if one of those other foods was all you had, it would be okay, but you should stick with the manufactured foods made specifically for goldfish. Krill, shrimp, plankton, worms, etc., don't fit in that category. Only the flakes and pellets and such.

I would also wonder about the deco feather plants because they're a large source of food which quantity isn't being controlled, and disintegrate in water, possibly fouling the water. Plus they have artificial coloring. Anyone have some input on those?

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I will give mine Rick Hess freeze dried Worms as a treat but for a staple food its not good for them to eat it all the time. They do need either the goldfish pellet food, flake or home made gel food :D

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