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Am I Overstocked?


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hello kets...

have you got them all in the same tank?

also what sizes are your fish?

i personally would say the tank is overstocked and a bad combination.

the goldfish and bristle nose would do great together by themselves in that 30 gal or even a 20 or 29 gal.

i think the angelfish and swordtails are tropicals are they not? so they should be kept in a tank of their own.

i'm not too familiar with the fish you've got though, so this is just my suggestion based on the limited knowledge that i have.

what are your water parameters by the way? :)

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Well, it's not a particularly good idea to have tropical fish and goldfish together, just because of the differences in temperature and pH and food needs....

And at that link---> Fish Channel's Montezuma swordtails It says that your kind of swordtails prefer a tank of 55+ gallons.

And on there --->Angelfish Page It says angelfish like lower pH, and get fairly large.

So I guess, in my opinion, the fish you have aren't really compatible, and you might be a bit overstocked. It'd be alright probably to house them temporarily like that, but it would probably be best to separate them later. I've never kept swordtails or angelfish OR plecos, so see what some other people have to say.

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