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Cloudy Eyes

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Hello everyone, my post may be a bit long, so please bare with me xD

My goldfish have been staying in my old house (while we were trying to sell it) for the past year or so (yikes). I visited whenever I could to change the water, and they were fed around 3-4 times a week by my parents. It wasnt the best of situations, but that was all we could do. They were doing pretty good during that time. They werent as active as they used to be, but they were fairly healthy until about a month ago. My mom checked up on them, and apparently, they had a very bad case of ich, and two of my five goldfish died. I got her to give them a dose of coppersafe and that apparently cleared up the ich by that night. The next day, I went to the old house to check up on them, and I didnt see a sign of ich, but there were a a few secondary infections, mainly fin rot in my black moor. His eyes were also cloudy/hazy. I raised the salt that was already in the tank to .3% and got some Tetracyline (sp?) tablets to give them. I think that got rid of the fin rot, because it hasnt been getting worse, but all of the fish were a lot less active than before.

Now, last week, I had them put in about a 10 gallon tub and finally brought them to our new house. Though, I had a problem, the water was VERY different from theres. While their water was soft and had a PH of 6.0, the water here had a PH of around 7.6 (thats as high as my test kit would go, so it may be higher). I tried to slowly aclimate them to the water over the week by doing water changes and introducing more and more of the water in their tub. They were kept in there with a bubble stone, bubble rod, and filter. Finally, the water was about the same, so I set up their 55 gallon tank yesterday and out them in just an hour ago.

Now that I finally have a good view of them, I can see that my Moors eyes are still quite cloudy. He also sits at the bottom in one spot most of the time, and isnt seeming to eat much at all. (even though he's sitting right no top of the food) My other two, a common and comet (I know, bad combination for the Moor) were busy on the other side, going against the glass with their head. xD ( I think they see their reflections? I'm not too sure) They all sort of stay close to the bottom, but I'm pretty sure it's because their still new to their surroundings. All of the food where the Moor is sitting is still untouched and has all piled up to the sides.

I'm a bit worried about him, and I was thinking of maybe buying Metro-Meds since I heard it helps fish who dont eat, but I dont want to be hasty. I'm sorry if the post is a bit scattered all over the place, or if what I was asking wasnt too clear xD

But I'm mainly worried about how they've all been quite less active, and that my Moor still has cloudy eyes and seems to be sitting/not eating.

And for my params, since it's just been set up yesterday, they are still 0. But it hasnt cycled yet, so I'm a bit worried. It's using all it's old filters though.





P.H: 7.8 or greater

Tank Size: 55 Gallons

It has two Whisper filters made for it's size tank.

I changed their tub water everyday, but havnt done anything for the big tank.

There are three fish in there, one a common (Whirlwind) , about 7" with his tail, a comet (Aqua) about 8" with his tail. And a Black Moor(Ninja) about 5" with his tail.

I have no medicine in the tank yet, though I do have some Maracyn and Trisulfa. (Though the Trisulfa is expired...)

I feed my fish Pro Gold : D

My problems are:

My moor sits a lot, dosnt seem to be eating much (maybe a few pellets, but not actively going for the food). He has cloudy eyes. His fins are also very tattered, but dont seem to be getting worse now.

I also just noticed that my comet has a few read streaks on his tail!! They're very thin, and he's had them before once a few years back

Again, sorry if it's a bit scattered around xD I'm horrible at getting all my thoughts put down properly!

Thanks a LOT!

And one more thing, boy am I GLAD to be back to Koko's! I havnt visited much in a year or so. (Though I do lurk around occasionaly xD)


Ninja's moved a to the other side now, bt he still stays to the bottom. None of them have gone high up though. I sitll think they're getting used to it again : D

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Hello whirlwind. Welcome back to kokos again. It must've been difficult looking after your fish in a different house and then having to treat them with all those meds. I think that was quite a lot of meds. Those copper meds you know are not so good in an acidic low pH of 6 and it wouldn't surprise me if the fishes eyes were affected.

I think your fish have been through a heck of alot and need some time to recover. With no meds at all. Or perhaps a little aquarium salt. You need to focus on cycling the tank now because it looks like you lost the cycle in the move.

The new pH (higher) is much healthier for the fish and I bet they can all 3 make a recovery if you can keep their water good and get them to eat a variety of foods. Metromeds are not advisable here. Cloudy eyes (with no other symptom) are a result of water problems most often and cannot be healed with meds.

You need to remove all uneaten food, that is going to cause more probs. And throw out that Triple sulfa as all meds are very toxic after the expiry date and should not be used.

Salt (see link in my sig) at 0.1% will help the fins heal too.

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Hey Whirlwind! I can't give you any better information than Trinket. No one can give you better information, but I just wanted to stop in and say hello and welcome and give you our support. We're here for you any time!

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Thank-you, I'll do that!

The P.H in my old house would keep dropping down to 6.0, no matter what I did. But here it seems to be able to stay constant.

They all seem to be in better condition now and I think you're right xD I may have panicked a bit and overdoses them, now I feel a bit bad Dx

One question though, if the edges of my Moors fins are still white, does it means that he still has fin rot? I dont think it's progressing anymore, but I could be wrong. I'll start salting the tank right away : D

And thank-you for the support Lynda, I hope they get back to themselves. (They seem to be close to being there)

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Thats healing :) !!

The white part is the healing cells repairing the fins. Its all good. Keep with the good water and a little salt. They are going to be okay!

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Aah, thats wonderful!

Thanks for the help and support guys : D

The good water is a bit tough, but I'm trying to do water changes every day xD The ammonia keeps creeping up, I wish my cycle could have been kept Dx

Ah well!


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