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Guest newtofishes

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Guest newtofishes

We're Tim and Katie and today we bought 4 goldfish named Spongebob, Patrick, Pippin and Zippy. We haven't had goldfish before so looking for some advice. The fish have been quite still and at the bottom since we brought them home today. Is this anything to worry about?

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Welcome to the community Tim and Katie...and also your 4 babies...

First a few questions...I am sure you must have gone through all the amazing info Koko has on her site...Based on that..the following questions:

1) How big is your tank??

4 goldies would really need to start off in a 30 gallon tank..and then would need an upgrade as they grow. Goldfish are really messy and hence they need a big tank and also a large surface area to breathe oxygen from..they need a lot of oxygen.

2) Was your tank cycled??

Cycling your tank before putting your fish in is very important which helps building of useful bacteria that eats all the ammonia and nitrites, nitrates that are formed in the tank...which if not present is fatal to your fish...4 goldfish if in a small tank will produce a lot of waste...and hence there would be a great amount of ammonia built-up, which stresses out the fish..maybe that is the reason why they are at the bottom.

If your tank is set up correctly with cycling done..then maybe they are just taking some time to settle...But if not..then I would really encourage you to read Koko's Cycling Tank info under FAQ section...will help you to get through your cycling process with the babies...

I hope this helps...

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Hi! :hi And :welcome This is a very good place to learn about fishkeeping!

To answer your question: This behavior isn't normal, and could be a sign of illness or bad water chemistry. To figure this all out, though, we need more information: Is this tank new? How long has it been set up? How big is your tank (either gallons, or a length x width x height measurement is good)? What kind of filter/s do you have running? Do these fish have double tails like this: acs.jpg or single tails like this: goldfish%20and%20koi%20tog.%20(1).JPG?

There's much more to keeping fish than putting fish in a tank. A saying to sum this up is "We take care of the water, and the water takes care of our fish."

Read theses articles: 10 steps for healthy goldfish and Nitrogen Cycle. They will give you basic and very important information.

Good luck, and I hope that this helps! The more questions you ask, the more you learn! :)

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:welcome Tim and Katie! First, I love all the names for your goldies! Next, definitely give us some answers to SunshineGurl's questions. We can really help your new hobby move along much smoother if we know what your setup is.

You say you haven't had goldfish before, so you're probably starting out where we all did. In a small, uncycled tank. Bottom sitting is not usually good.

To get you and your fish through this, you are going to need to buy drop test kits for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph. Trust us, drop test kits may seem expensive, but they are worth every penny and are an invaluable aid for successful fishkeeping. You will need to test your water every day and do water changes based on those readings. Most likely you will need to do daily temperature-matched, water changes of at least 50%, and more than likely, around 90%, with a dechlorinator added until your tank cycles.

And, as said, for 4 goldies, you are going to need at least a 30 gallon tank, no matter how tiny they may seem. This is because goldies produce huge quantities of waste which turns into potentially deadly ammonia. Based on test readings, my tiny 1" lionhead produces equally as much ammonia as my 4" ryukin. If you don't have a 30-40 gallon tank, and can't afford another aquarium, many of us use the big rubbermaid storage bins with a filter added. Depending on what you already have, you can either get one larger tank or bin, or get another 20 gallon tank/bin and split up your goldies and put two in each tank/bin.

Also because of this high waste production, goldies need massive filtration. To calculate filtration, goldies need a filter that moves 10 times the water as the size of the tank, so for a 30 gallon tank, you would need a 300 gph filter. For a 20, a 200 gph, for a 10, a 100 gph, etc. Don't choose a filter that says it's for a 30 gallon tank because those suggested sizes are for tropical fish, not goldfish. Make sure you actually look at how many gph the filter says it is.

Bubblers alone are not sufficient for oxygenation and do not provide filtration, but they are a fair secondary source of oxygen and most certainly, a great play toy for the fish.

You will most likely also want to add some Prazi (Praztiquantel) for flukes. A good one is Hikari brand Prazi-Pro. Pretty much all fish come from the store with flukes, so doing an automatic treatment for flukes is a very good idea. Don't add any other meds unless someone here advises you to do so.

Once you get back with more info, we can provide more specific advice.

Yes, it's exactly true: If you take care of the water, the water takes care of the fish.

Oh! And one other thing.... please take what pet stores tell you with a grain of salt. Most service people at these stores are not informed enough when it comes to goldfish. If you don't know for certain what they're telling you is true or false, please run it by us first. We love to help! There are no stupid questions!

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