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Can Fry Manage Snails?


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At some point over the weekend 3 little brown snails appeared in my minnow tank. One of those fishy mysteries, given that I've had the plants weeks and came from a friend whose tank doesn't have snails...apparently :blink:

So I have to get rid of them, obviously, which I think I'll just do by picking them out as I see them.

My goldfish fry are all at least an inch, some over an inch long. Do you think they'd be ok eating them? Do they suck out the snail or swallow them whole?

I don't want to end up with snails breeding in my fry tank!

I don't know whether to just plop them in with the adult goldies...although I slightly worry that the snails are just abit too small and envision choking.

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Guest spawn

If they've survived so far, then they are too big for the fish at the moment.

Once your fish can eat them, they will be gone in no time. (especially with goldfish).

Personally I've crushed them against the glass in the past (breaking the shell), and left for the fish to snack on.

Once you get a couple thought, you'll probably get more quite quickly. If you don't want them, get rid now, while its only a couple (and remove any more you find - and you probably will find the odd one)

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