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Water Chemistry Nerds, I Need Your Help...

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First, I wanted to apologize for being so quiet lately. I went to Denver for my sister in law's baby shower and just got back today. Hubbie did a great job taking care of the fish and the kids when I was gone.

As I have mentioned previously, my tap water is downright weird. The KH ranges between 350-395. But according to the report from the water board, calcium and magnesium are very low -- 2.5 ppm calcium and 0.8 ppm magnesium. I have been reading elsewhere on the internet that maintaining calcium at over 100 ppm is important for goldfish health and that the calcium content of the water should actually be raised to 250 ppm as a tonic during illness. Evidently 250 ppm is the calcium content of goldfish blood and keeping the water at that level means that they have to exert less energy to osmoregulate and maintain fluid balance, and therefore have more energy available to fight illness.

So I went out to the LFS and bought a drop-type calcium test. It confirms that my water is very, very low in calcium. I am wondering how I can rectify this situation. Options I am considering include: crushed coral in my filters, liquid calcium chloride (bottled from the LFS, sold for reef tanks), or using Koi Clay (which I have on hand but haven't been using lately). Given the fact that my KH is already very high, does anyone have any ideas about which option would be best?

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