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My Fry - Pics

Guest spawn

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Guest spawn

Following from my topics on my three broods of baby fry from my pond.


Heres some pics (albeit taken with my mobile - as I don't have digital camera)

This one was taken in mid-June of my 1st brood


Heres some I've tried to take today (but the fish just think its feeding time if i go anywhere near the tank - hence blurry).






2nd Brood - These were taken end june when I was doing a slow water change



Since its not past midnight here in the UK, I've not been able to take any of my 2nd brood or 3rd brood as its too dark. I'll try to get some tomorrow in the Sun.

Plus I've also noticed, I've got many many more of my 2nd and 3rd broods still in the pond. I put in a container 3inches across and put it in the weed and got around half a dozen. And looking closely there could be another couple of hundred fry in the weed. I might try to get some pics of those.

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Guest spawn


My biggest issue at the moment has been culling deformed ones.

With my first batch, it means killing them humanely myself. It appears that one of the breeding fish must have a slight tail deformity that has passed onto about 1 in 20 of my first batch.

With deformed ones in my other batches, after the initial difficulty of catching them. The simply provide a good snack for my first brood.

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I wouldn't get them use to eating each other :unsure: - there may be a cannibal outbreak! I know its nature and all but there are other ways to cull IMO.

:Congrats: on the fry, I've never seen so many in one batch.

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Guest spawn

more pics.

Heres my pond. Most the lilypads you'll see are about a 6-8inchs in diameter. Got quite a few buds that are due to flower (when the sun comes back to the UK)

The pond is about 3000 gallons. 8ft x 4ft x 4ft.


The L shape I've highlighted here, is my bank of oxygenating weed. Its grown masses so far (despite taking about bunches each week for my tanks, and giving a bucket full to my neighbour).


Its absolutely full of babies still. Not surprising as the weed is very dense. The koi et al are all trying to eat them. But whilst I'm tempted to put them in a tub/planter that I've got in the garage, I've decided to leave them there for now.

Batch 2 Babies (Hatched Beginning june)





A few bigger ones that are starting to feed on the smaller ones. Unfortunately I'm out of containers/tanks.




Batch 3 Babies (Hatched end june/beginning july)



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