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Emperor Or Fluval

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So for years now i have been saying Im gunna get another fluval 404 for my 40 gallon goldfish tank (my current one is on the turtle tank and their it shall stay for sure). I ADORE my fluval. cleaning its easy for me (my magic fluval that doesnt give me trouble *knock on wood* lol) and it runs silently and works like a charm. but i hear all these raves over the emperors and not having someting off the side of the tank for the cat to sit on does seem appealing. but im sacrificing like... 900 gallons an hour! of course, perhaps the fluval is a bit over kill for a 40? I had my old one on a 55 gal before...

Im torn and i dont have money anyways, so i guess its a moot point, but i would love some input. :)

ps. no, i am not getting an EHEIM. I worked with them at mmm and i dislike them, i dont think they have enough raw "crud sucking power" for goldfish, and their ugly... lol just kidding, but i dislike them, broke a few....

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