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Test Kits And Proper Testing


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I came here a few days ago with the intention of asking about my goldfish that's bloated. But realized, I can't answer any of the levels questions you ask except ammonia... which is always fine whenever I test it.

Got me to wondering which test kits do you recommend? I already have ammonia. Also, I would like to test for oxygen as our pond (600+ gallons) is filled regularly with well water and rain water ... which don't typically have a lot of oxygen. We do have a constantly running waterfall.

Could you tell me the best test kits to get, including oxygen?



To answer the questions above

Pond size: 600+ gal, 10 years old

Waterchange: 40-50 every 2-3 weeks

Filter: it's square with 3 mesh filter pieces inside... clean it every couple weeks.

20-25 small goldfish

3 medium-sized koi

Additives: PondZyme Plus every few weeks

No new fish

Feed: Aquadine System; Tetra Koi Sticks; peas and occasionally other vegetables

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You need as a minimum ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite tests. Those will tell you when you have a cycle bump, and when you need to do waterchanges. Other tests that are at the top of the list to have is ph, gh, and kh tests.

As for which types, I would reccomend drop test kits, because they are so much more accurate, and you get more tests for your money. I use the API brand which I believe has changed its name to Mars since the last time I bought tests.

I can't help with the oxygen test, as I have never owned one of those. However, the waterfall should aerate the water enough for the fish.

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