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Question About Quickcure


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I have read everything I can about QuickCure and can't find anything about what to do after the last treatment. Does QuickCure disappear or do you need to do a water change ... more than one? I have a 600+gallon pond. Mostly goldfish and 3 koi.

Today out of an abundance of caution I'm doing a 50% water change after a 2-day treatment.

Also, I did read that QuickCure and salt can be dangerous together. So, after the last treatment, and a 50% water change, when can I start putting salt back in the pond?

Thanks, Marje

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Hi and welcome to Koko's

Quick cure contains malachite green and formldehyde. They are respectively more toxic in a high PH and high temp, the second ingredient robbing the water of oxygen.

Although they both degrade after time, I would run carbon through the filters to strip out all of the meds.

Can you tell us why you were using the Quick Cure and why you are wanting to add salt? We can help more easily once we know what your problems actually are.

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Thanks for the info. Not sure what you mean by run carbon through the filters.

I used QuickCure because I was panicking... after many months of no fish dying, all of a sudden 5 died in a couple days and the rest looked like they were on their way out. Tipping forward, lethargic, sitting on bottom... it was quite a dramatic change for a pond full of normally healthy and active fish .... in desperation I did a 50 percent water change, and then did two day treatments of QuickCure. Then another 50 percent water change to start getting the QuickCure out of the water.

All the fish but two (there are about 28 in all - goldfish and 3 koi) are now back to their normal selves ... not sure if QuickCure did anything at all. It was probably the water change.

The temperature here in Florida was very hot on the days the fish died ... and many of the other fish gathered around the waterfall when they were sick. I don't know if it was low oxygen, some kind of bacterial or viral infection, or parasites.

Why I use salt... I've read in so many places that it is a good idea to include salt in a freshwater pond.

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OK - I see. Well, the first and most important thing to do would be get hold of your water readings. Can you post them up?

This is step number one whenever you see fish looking sick (and as a weekly routine to safeguard them).

Then, you must try to determine the cause of their symptoms before chucking in meds. Meds need to be matched as accurately as possible to the most likely illness. Tossing them in without being sure of the problem and/or water readings can be disasterous.

Do the fish look different in any way? Spots, streaks, slimecoat changes? Do they act strangely? Flicking rubbing floating etc?

In the hot weather, fish can be overpowered by carbon di-oxide during the night time if you have a lot of algae and plants, so extra aeration is important.

Regarding carbon - What kind of filtration do you have in the pond? Normally, there is some type of carbon sponge or bag. This should be removed during medication (as it absorbs meds from the water) and replaced at the end of treatment, to strip them out.

As a rule, salt should not be used on a regular basis in a pond - it should really only be used as a short treatment for parasites, or to help with osmoregulation in sick fish, or nitrites during cycling. I would not add salt at the moment until there is some clearer sense of what might have been wrong.

There are quite a few pondies here so if you want to post back with a little more info (take a look a the white diagnosis box of questions above) we'll be able to help a little more.

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