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Goodbye To My Little Girlie

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My little black betta has finally given up her fight. She lived with me for two weeks and endured awful pain after being subjected to incredibly high ammonia.

Although she healed on the outside, the damage on the inside was fatal. She was not strong or well fed enough to survive without food for the time it would take her insides to heal. She had little reserves to draw on. I always made sure she had food in the tank in case she felt like eating, but the food stayed for the most part untouched. It was so sad to watch her ousides heal up and know that she was declining anyway. :cry1

I never named her, but I always refered to her as "Girlie" so that will be her official name, and I will always regret that I didn't buy her the first time I saw her a week earlier..If I had, she would have lived.

Girlie, you were one tough little fish to have survived that at all! I will never forget you.

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Sorry to hear about Girlie :(

It can be so hard with bettas, you are almost guarenteed that they've been kept in horrible conditions before you bring them home. You did your best with her and gave her a good home for the last of her days.

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