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A Breeder Listing?

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I've browsed, and I can't really find anything that seems like one.

Maybe there could be a pinned thread for local breeders, especially those without websites.. ?

This could be very convenient if someone's looking for a specific variety nearby that can't be found at pet stores

especially if they're not looking for an older, large fish(I've found that those can be quite expensive..)..

I'm not sure how many hobby breeders there are on the forum(if any), but it's an idea!

Anyone for or against or have any opinions regarding.. ? :x

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Not sure where in Florida you live but I live in South Forida and was extremely frustrated by the lack of "Quality" goldfish. I went to all the LFS and could't find what I wanted. I did find an importer in Homestead, Fl. that has very nice fish. I got a 5" Red Oranda from him and a 3" red and white ranchu from him. Here is the link to his website if you are interested http://www.goldfishandkoiusa.com/ Give him a call before you go to him because he does this in his backyard and is out from time to time....Hope this helps !

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