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Gfish For Free (melbourne, Australia)


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Hey guys I got goldfish to give if you live in Melbourne, it's a big lemonhead oranda, a black bubble eye, and a ranchu.

I'm giving them up because I decide to go marine with my tank... they're nice fish... if there's no taker by Tuesday then I'm giving them up to a fish store.




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They have been taken to my pal's fish store... great fish, especially the black bubble eye (Veronica) she's really nice... but all of them will be missed (especially Raiden)... hope they can find better homes out there.

I have:

- Hikari Staple (floating type, green colour) -> I did my best to squeeze out the air in the package, so the pellets stay fresh... about 3/4 pack left 240g...

- Gold fish mix frozen

- Black shrimp frozen

Anyone wanting these, can collect for free in Carlton, Melbourne.

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  • 5 years later...
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Helen this is from 2008.

OMG :rofl :rofl :rofl

I am dying here!

Nobody is going to give the "don't revive dead threads" speech, and lock it before the offender can reply?!


OMG just wait.. wait the 2 of you.. good things come to those who wait... :devilangel

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it rarely happens when a Melbournian only a few streets away offers some free fish for collection :rofl so you can understand my excitement which caused me to 'miss' the date this was posted..

in one way, i am sad i missed the opportunity (by some years :rofl :rofl )... in another, relieved, since i downsized my crew & tanks only just recently. the thought of kickstarting the other 120g for 3 fish gave me heartburn, but i would rather they have been with me than at an LFS :)

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