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Just Horsing Around!


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I just saw Erinaceous' thread and I wanted to dig up my horse pictures! These are all from about 3 years ago.

This first picture is of the time I rode a mule at my boyfriend's aunt's place. She has a bunch of horses but since I'd never tried before she let me try with this mule cause he was really really sweet. There was a fence so he couldn't go too far. It was easy and fun!






Then there was the time we stayed with Shane's parents for a few months. My father "in law" Dale had a horse. (By the way I need to just get married so I can quit with the quotes!). The horse was scared of people. I am thinking he was abused before. He wouldn't let anyone near him, even to feed. He reared up (is that the right phrasing?) a few times, and the more he did that the more everyone was scared of him, then he would get less attention, then get more scared. It was a bad cycle. Dale was going to give him away right around the time we went out there. I started going out every day to feed him and try to pet him. I bought him horse treats and he started trusting me to climb in the pen with him. Then he started following me around for food. I didn't know how to saddle him, and he wouldn't let Dale close enough to show me. So I took him for walks. I would get a container of feed and just walk with him around the huge yard. It was sooo cute. Anytime he saw me after that he would make sounds to get my attention and come up. Dale said if we moved down there he would build a place for me to keep the horse, but we couldn't because the job Shane got was here. There is just no work down there for him.

We went back to visit about 6 months later.. Dale said that the whole time I was gone the horse went back to his old behavior so they were going to give him up to someone who could handle him better. They hadn't given him away yet when we got there, and the second I got out of the car guess who came up to the fence to see me?? They couldn't believe it.. In the end they gave him to someone else, which is best for him, but I miss him. His name was Spirit. Here's some pics:



THEN after they got rid of Spirit they got a new horse.. And this one was people friendly. Tanya named him Bhangra Booty (joke from Footballer's Wives) I bugged Dale every day during a two week trip to saddle him or show me how to saddle him. He kept saying he would but never did. Finally one day he said "hey susie wanna go ____" (I forget what he said) and I said "NO! NOT UNTIL I RIDE THAT D--- HORSE!". He did it LOL. He is very bad about giving help or directions though. My mother in law kept saying "don't let Dale be the one to show you because he's a TERRIBLE teacher." She was right. He saddled him and didn't say another word.. Literally. He just sent me off. They live out in the country with dirt roads and fields. Their land is pretty big itself, but there is also land around their house and no one really cares if you are on it. So there I am going up and down dirt roads, and out in the fields in the middle of tumbleweeds and yuccas with NO idea how to ride. I didn't know what made him slow down, what made him speed up. The horse started going SOOOOOOOOOOOO fast.The only thing I knew was to pull back on the reigns to make him stop and say "woah". Dale didn't tell me if you pull it at a certain angle, or too hard the horse would kick up. He did and I thought I was going to fall off but I didn't. It was scary but very cool. It took me a bit to get the hang of it - no thanks to dale - and once i did it was awesome.

After that he let Taylor try, and needless to say he was better with her. He held the rope and walked her around slowly just in the yard. I think with me it was more like "learn it for yourself" but a few tips would have been nice!



OOOh while I was looking for horse pics I found more fun New Mexico pics. Just different animals and cool scenes. Hope you guys aren't sick of pictures! This page is going to take forever to load. I think I will post the NM ones in a different thread just so the page isn't AS bad to load.

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You are braver than me! I would never have gotten close enough to that horse. (they are big and scary :hide: ) I do believe they are intelligent critters, and it's too bad they can't choose who they would like to live with.

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What a gorgeous mule--love that dun coloring. And Spirit is a real cutie. What a shame you couldn't keep him. Even if you didn't ride him it's ok, horses make great pets.

Riding can be scary all right, even if you kinda know what you're doing!! Sounds like it turned out to be a good experience for you anyway. It helps to be on a horse you have a relationship with, though. I'm at the point where I don't really want to ride any horse but mine because I'm comfortable with him and we fit each other so well. :)

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