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Gf Are Breeding


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I pulled back the pool cover an additional few feet -the pool/pond is now about 50% uncovered - as I work my way toward full cover removal. This action more or less consolidated the rainwater that had been accumulating on the tight mesh top into one 10 x 4 foot pool (on top of the main pool).

When I looked closely at signs of motion in that secondary pool. I discover scads of fish fry darting about. I suspect that momma fish have been discharging their offspring (are gf live bearers or egg leavers?) in a position where they can penetrate the mesh cover and find safety in the water puddles.

I also noticed what I can only assume is "mating aggression," with 2 dozen males attempting to corral 2 or 3 females behind the flower pots. And here I was hoping to thin out the "herd." Oh well.There a very large raccoon who has just paid a visit to my chimney (yes, I immediately had chimney screen caps installed)... maybe he intends to feast on the fish .


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Oh yeah!... if you have fish outside and a racoon, that racoon will, without doubt, eventually find that water and those fish and when it finally does, it won't stop until all the fish are gone.... sorry to sound so full of doom, but I've been that route with ponds and racoons. I had a pond for 1 year with not one problem. So, I decided I could add fish. I had the fish for 2 years, still no problem. Then the coons came and the pond was dessimated in less than one week. I managed to save 2 fish out of 10. Those two fish immediately came inside to an aquarium. I moved some years later and could only have a little patio cement pond thing. I had that for 3 years with no racoon problems, but those darn coons can hear/smell water 100 miles away I swear. And this is in Los Angeles! Once again, the pond was destroyed. I had to shut it down just to get rid of the racoons. So, yeah, your herd could be thinned, but, unfortunately, racoons don't do it the way we'd like. They go for the biggest first and then work their way down..... I really think racoons are cute, but they are the most destructive creatures I have ever come across.

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