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Max Size Of Each Fish

Guest Orandaa

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Guest Orandaa

I've got 2 ryukins, a lionhead and a black moor and I'm curious to know how big each one may get, on average. I realize there's certain factors involved when it comes to size. Also, I was wondering if there's a way to tell the age of your fish?

My fish have matured a lot since I got them. One of my ryukins, Dusty, was black and orange and rather small. He's now doubled in size (about 2 inches long) and has lost all the black and is more of a pale yellow/orange. Another ryukin, Pistol Pete, was always a good looking fish but he's almost tripled in size (about 2 inches long as well) and is a vibrant orange colour with a little white on the belly, and great flowing fins. Garrisen, my black moor, hasn't grown a whole lot. He was about 1.25 inches when I got him and he's now maybe 1.75 inches, he's losing some blackness too. This is all over the span of about 8 months. My lionhead is still brand new to the family so we'll see how he grows, he's about 1.5 inches right now.

Anyway, that's some detail on my fish. So again... How big does the average Ryukin, Black Moor, and Lionhead get? Also, is there a way to tell their age? I got my fish when they were all pretty small so I figure they're quite young, but it'd be good to be able to place a general age on each one. Thanks!

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Assuming that all the requirements are there for proper growth, i.e., proper food, amount fed, water quality and tank accomodations, overall healthy and disease or genetic complications free, a ryukin can grow to 8-10 inches, moors about 8 inches or so and lionhead 10 inches or even bigger.

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