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Couple Different Fish

Guest Orandaa

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Guest Orandaa

I've owned 3 certain goldfish for a while now (about 8 months or so) and when I bought them they were labelled "fantail goldfish". 2 of them are a gold colour and one is black. The 2 gold ones have grown about 3 times the size they were originally, and their bellies are becoming a lot deeper (below the tail). They almost look like small ryukins but the lady at the fish store said she doesnt carry them so Im not sure.

The Black one has very buldgy eyes, not like bubble eyes.. but they're buldging quite far off of each side of his head. I tried posting pictures but Garrisen wouldn't stay still!

Here are some pictures:

This is Pistol Pete


This is Dusty


And this is Garrisen



The pictures are bad, my fish are very active and I had to take them on my phone.

Just some more details... Pistol Pete is about 2 inches long, Dusty is just a tad smaller, and Gary (Garrisen) is a tad smaller than Dusty. They've all grownn almost 3x since I got them, and I think Pistol Pete especially will grow a lot bigger. Any idea if they're more than just fantails? If Gary might be a Moor?

Another question I have is about my other fish, Barkley. I got him today and I believe he's a ranchu but I can't tell the difference between a ranchu and a lionhead.

I tried taking pictures of him too but he's also very active!




Any ideas? Thanks for any help you guys can give me :D

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Guest Orandaa

Wow! Ryukins have been a type I've been searching for and when I asked the fish store I go to if they had any they said they normally dont carry them, I guess they were wrong! :P

Why is it that some stores will just label these fish as "Fantails" is it because they're just not developed enough to tell exactly what they are?

Also, just so I know, how can you tell that Barkley is a lionhead and not a ranchu? I tried comparing pictures of the two types and got nowhere :P

Thanks a lot for the help!

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They typically label them as fantails because... well, technically, it's still right. Not to mention that a lot of pet shop owners still don't know the difference :D An egg-shaped fish with double forked long-ish tails and double anal fins are the characteristics of fantails. It also fits ryukins somewhat, but usually only when they're young, as the trademark ryukin hump will eventually set it apart from fantails. On a side-note, ryukins ARE developed from fantails ;)

And the difference between a ranchu and a lionhead is the base of the tail. If the spine goes straight out and splays out into the caudal peduncle and the tail fins with very little curvature, it's a lionhead. If the base of the tail has a prominent curvature and/or the so-called "tuck", it's a ranchu.

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