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Schools Nearly Over For Summer!


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Year 9 is nearly over!


Well kinda, seens as this will be the end of all not so serious years.

Next year i will have my RE GCSE's and be put into sets :(

This year we had our SATs and still havnt got our results!

We were supposed to be having them this week but now they are supposed to be posted by 31st July.

Get to choose my options, ive taken History French and PE so now i never have to do music or art again :D

(I hate the teachers)

So anyway, whats everyone doing in the summer? I have nothin planned, probably meeting up with friends and enjoyin the lovely British weather. Not.

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Yay!! Congrats for getting past year 9 :D I had a blast in year 10 (but 11 and 12 were better :P )

I think today is the coldest day of the year, it is freaking freezing! I feel for the poor souls who put up with this every day :( I had to fill (oh and buy!) a hot water bottle to sit above the rattie hammocks to keep them warm, poor darls..

We're going camping next week back to Fraser Island, the last week of the holidays *sniff* where have they gone!!?!?!

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