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My New 40 Gallon Long

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Does fish sempai sell high quality goldfish? I checked their website several times for the past few weeks and they never have anything for sale. The website was last updated in 2005 or 2006 something.

yep :) ...he has way more than what he posts on the net ....I heard from many people that have gone to his farm are nothing but pleased ..(and to bring lots of water for all the drooling you will do )....if you buy from him I heard he will personally drive the fish through customs himself to be sure their is no hold up. I heard nothing but good about Andrew from costumers that have bought fish from him ....you make an appoinment and he will take you through the farm and teaches you all sorts of stuff and what to look for and what to stay away from ..I heard he is generous with his time to each who comes to the farm ....if you are looking for somthing in particular drop him an email ..the most I ever had to wait for a reply was a whole day :D ...I can't wait to go

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Guest Orandaa

I've got a very similar tank, and my fish love it! There`s so much room for them to play around, it`s great. Congrats on the new tank!

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