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3rd Brood This Year

Guest spawn

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Guest spawn

Well its been a crazy few months for me.

I'm now on my 3rd brood of baby fish this year.

I suppose I better start at the beginning.

Towards the back end of summer in the uk last year my parents bought a couple of each of koi/goldish/shubs for my tank (3ftx1ftx1ft) from a fish farm, since the previous inhabitants had been put in my pond.

One of the koi grew to about 12inchs from 2inchs in about April this year. So I was hanging on for the better weather to be able to final move him into the pond with the others in my tank. [Female probably]

So May 1st I put the 5 in the Pond, despite 4 being much smaller than the other larger residents in my pond (mostly Koi, with half a dozen tench (green and orange), a few of goldfish and a couple shubumkins. Pond (8ft x 3ft x 4ft depth).

Obviously with an empty tank now the plan was to go back to the fish farm to fill my tank again. I left it empty for about 2 weeks (the longest the tank had ever been empty in the 10years+ i've had it, then set it up [well planted] getting it ready for new inhabitants at some point.

In the meantime the veriocious pond fish were destroying all the oxygenating weed in the pond, so I moved it all together in a bank to stop them stripping it.

The weed was full of worms and insects, but no eggs at this point.

I've had baby fish in the past (but not in the last few years, and all them were goldfish/shubs). But I wasn't expecting any this year because we gave away most of the goldfish/shubs out of pond to give more room and swapping for a large koi with a neighbour as it had outgrown his small pond), plus i thought the ones I'd put in the pond to be too young to be breeding.

1st Brood

And about the middle of may I noticed that something was going on with splashing at dawn which i could hear through the window, running into weeds alot, lack of appetite for some.

When I looked closely I had eggs. WOOT!.

Unfortunately the eggs were very widespread across the bank of weed. (About 4ft long x 1ft wide) of weed in an L shape. So taking out the weed was a no go.

So with a couple of containers I set about getting as many out as i could. I took out a few pieces of weed that had clumps, but often it was one by one.

[its actually quite relaxing.] So after about an hour of getting the eggs I had around over 200+ eggs and then transferred them into my ready/available tank.

There were quite alot of eggs so I reckon at least 2 females had bred, so I got some from all over to try to get a variety.

Color of the eggs was mainly clear/slight cream. (not white)

After about 2-3 days in my tank they hatched and I counted around 100 baby fish.

Obviously at this point, the remainder of the eggs which I hadn't got out of the pond had hatched. So using a couple of small containers, I managed to take them out without any distruption of the water. About another 30 baby fish each day.

2nd Brood

Then believe it or not the next weekend they were at it again, MORE eggs.

Slightly larger eggs this time but still clear and slight cream (not white).

I wanted some koi, since I've never managed to get them to breed in the past. And without knowing which fish bred, I thought I'd edge my bets by getting some of these aswell.

I bought a mini-tank 1ftx1ftx1ft and thought I'd get some of these ones. Being larger eggs I was hoping for koi and with alot more eggs this time.

They were also a bit more clumped together, so I was putting my fingers in and getting half a dozen eggs at a time.

In the end there must have been 500 eggs in this mini-tank. And about 490 of them hatched to my surprise.

The 1st brood in my 3ft tank were starting to grow fast. The plan was going to be to put them together with my 2nd batch, however that quickly backfired because I noticed that despite the fact I should have 200 fish (with the additional ones I'd added from the pond), I only had 120. And there was no sign of dead ones.

That was until I saw the biggest gulping down one of the smaller ones. So I'd obviously lost quite a few.

Already it was clear the first batch had a few shubumkins from the calico coloring and the entirely black eyes which was a characteristic of a big shubumkin in the pond.

Probably about 1/10th. The others are dark/light. Still hoping for koi, but looking ever more likely to be goldfish.

So putting them together was out.

3rd Brood

Now towards the end of the june, I had MORE eggs.

I only noticed because I was still collecting ones which had hatched from my first and second broods and putting them in their respective tanks as I had noticed the pond fish snacking on them in the weed.

I wasn't going to get any eggs this time (still hoping for koi), I got a couple in a container and the color was strong yellow with a green patch. This wasn't algae as I could see the same patch on each of the eggs. After googling I couldn't get an answer for what they might be. So i thought I'd get some in an ice cream container.

I couldn't be bothered getting them one by one this time, so I just threw a few pieces of weed in it. (For once there were clumps of them on the weed). There were numerous white infertile ones which I didn't get. (probably around 40% from what I could see in the pond). But there were alot less than than last time.

Again couple of days later, they hatched (only about another 200). Even ones that I thought were infertile even hatched ;)


1st Brood: 90 roughly (hard to count since they move about alot) between 1/2in to 1in

So far culled about 10 with a couple more to go when i can spot them.

The big one is a menace, trying to eat every other one in the tank.

About 10 definitely shubunkins (mix possibly?), the rest unknown (*fingers crossed for koi)

Feeding broken pellets/liquify 3: baby plus (having had 1 & 2) ./ and daphnia/brineshrimp sometimes

[in the times between the eggs being layed, I've also taken out weed which is full of worms/insects, put in a bowl, set the hosepipe on max/stirred, put weed back in the pond. Bowl of worm/insect soup to pour into tank to feed first brood (and they love them)]

2nd Brood: 250 - most are just at the point of looking like proper fish. I've been losing probably 5-10 a day since they hatched, but mostly deformed ones or ones I'd accidentally killed trying to clean the crap out of the tank.

I've noticed about 2 of the 2nd batch have those black eyes again like the shubumkin. But they are at this point mainly too small, pre-coloring stage even for calicos.

I've noticed there will be a couple of cull with brokenbacks. Where I've been able to catch them with a dropper (like the one you get with a ph testing kit). I've fed it to the 1st brood.

Feeding babybrimeshrip and /liquify 3: baby plus (having had 1 & 2)

3rd Brood: 200: - still in the ice cream container with weed and aerator for now.

Feeding babybrimeshrip and Liquify 1 & 2 and a bit of liquify 3: baby plus now

I've got a large planter/bowl that I'm probably going to have to setup outside to put my second brood in. Making way for the third brood to go into my small tank.

As for the pond fish, well guess what. This time alot of the fish in the pond looks swollen [even the koi]. The only dampener is the fact we've had 3 days of wind, rain and lower temperatures in the uk. But the fish are definately ready for spawning soon as some have lost most of their apetitite.

Heck if I see the koi breeding, I'm putting some of the other babies back into the pond.

So I've been a bit with them all, especially having to change the water on a daily basis for the 2nd and 3rd batches as its not filtered, only slightly aerated. its been difficult to clean the containers for broods 2 and 3 because there are so many of them that they get in the way. But I've finally seem to have discovered the best way with a scraper (a 1ft stick with a scaper on one end and a weed planter on the other) and using a dropper from an old ph kit. (scrape one end to the other, then use the dropper to suck it up). Much less disturbance than when i was trying to do it with a sponge pad.

My parents think I'm crazy with all these baby fish.

I'm lucky at this moment in time as everyone is saying that they'll have some of my babies (once i figure out which ain't koi ;) )

And if the ###### hits the fan, they can always go back in the pond.

I might try to get some pics, although I don't have a camera, but might try with my mobile.

I must also thank everyone who has posted tips and such in this forum. I have been googling for some advice/tips on baby fish to keep them healthy (less aeration/watch ph/nitrates etc). I've been browsing as a guest here from the 1st brood hatching, and I thought it about time I registered and posted my story.

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Guest Debs

Spawn.....maybe you should open a fish farm yourself. Some pics would be great to see. But seriously, what are you going to do with so many fish? :krazy:

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Your fish must be very happy to be breeding so much! You have a decent-sized pond, but you'll need a MUCH larger one soon with all these new fish... You could start selling your fish on ebay or to fish stores, and your parents will be impressed!

Please post pics soon, we love to see what others have done for their fish :fishtank:

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