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Thinking Of My Next Fish......

Guest dmartins

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Guest dmartins

since the death of my two female goldfish (red cap oranda and lionhead) i have been thinking about picking up 1 additional goldfish. i have not decided the type (either ranchu, ryukin or something with a huge tail!)....anyway, i am 99% sure it will NOT be a female.

I am not looking to get into breeding. those two females i used to have would drop eggs pretty much twice a month each....what a mess!!!!! its just not worth the cleanup.

what is the earliest age that you can begin to determine the sex of a goldfish?


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Chronological age is not as importatn as physical maturity. The majority of fish will be "mature" at about 1 year of age - or approximately 3 inches in body length. IF you take a flashlight with you to the store/breeder and shine it along the front pectoral fins of the fish you are considering. Many males, even young ones, will have some reflecting breeding stars - even when out of season. The stars reflect a kind of rainbow-type sheen - very tiny in many cases, but visible.

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