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Sleeping Upside Down?

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In the last few weeks I'm seen my Ruykin Frilly at night when everything is quiet perfectly still at the bottom of the tank upside down. I've seen her do this 3 times now.

As soon as I go up to the tank and talk she flips over easily and swims normally. Throughout the day she swims around fine and doesn't go upside down at all. So I'm wondering is she actually flipping over when sleeping.

Her water conditions are good I just checked the nitrates yesterday. She eats sinking food (pro gold)

This is causing me a lot of anxiety since my last fish died of SBD.

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I am not really qualified to say anything........from what I have read and what I have fed.....peas are great! Read up on them on sbd and foods.

I have a fishy with sbd and I feed her peas....she is a trooper.

Wait for help from a pro.... Sorry I am just a waiting newbie, but with the actual help of the mods my fish are still kicking@ good luck

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