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Small Town Sakuras

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Okay, so I'm out visiting my parents in Palm Desert, CA over the July 4th holiday and as this town, and they, are not always the most exciting, lol!, I decided to go out visiting the two, yes two, only LFS in the whole area, aside from the multitudinous amounts of chain stores that are everywhere, not surprisingly, and was, in one moment, not so surprised that the first LFS wasn't much to look at, but then, in the next moment, was very pleasantly surprised to find that the second store was probably the nicest pet store I've found so far in my travels, even in LA. It was quality, healthy fish, knowledgeable service staff, lovely selection of quality accessory products. I was impressed. But, and here's the bad part.... they had two of the most gorgeous 4" sakura ryukin! Who'd have thought!?! Palm Desert California. Sakura ryukin? But, yes, there they were! And right next to some of the cutest faced, fluffy wenned orandas.... I wanted to just scoop up those sakuras right then and there along with a couple of those darling wenned ones... I made up for it by buying a resin bamboo fence bubbler decoration, a new bio-wheel and a lovely piece of driftwood.... and that was my post 4th of July Saturday...

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