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It's Not Sushi, But You Won't Believe What Dr. Bob Does With A Scalpel And A Fish


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"You might want to step back," says the surgeon wearing shorts and sneakers. "There's going to be some splashing!"

With that, he lifts a 25-inch fish named "George W" out of a tub of anesthetizing water and carries him into the........................


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Wow is right! That was a very well written, and thoughtful article. I love the doctor's invention for keeping the fish upright, but my favorite quote was:

"I believe animals come into your life and teach you valuable life lessons," Dr. Bob says later. "About how to care for other people and other things on earth. About how to love unconditionally."

Words to live by.

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Holy Cow!

And Dr. Bob is 4 miles from my place. How cool is that?

I was beginning to think that the state of California was without a fish vet! Yay! Now, he's more than 4 miles from me, but he's still only maybe an hour or so away and that's just darn good enough! You gotta know a person is a good guy when they value the life of a fish. And his love story is equally sweet!

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