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Red Blood Like Sore On Hump

Guest RanchuGuy

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Guest RanchuGuy

I came home for summer and brought my 2 ranchu. One of them is fine. The other is not so happy. I have had them for about 7 months. Been here for around 2 weeks and recently the one started to get worse.

It had floating problems for a while and since I bought it. It had got better @ home but currently has it the worse I have seen. It doesn't float upside or downside at the top of the water but more like does swirls when swimming or standing still. I moved them to a huge rubbermaid tank yesterday and put on the filter, etc.

I noticed it would wedge itself between the filter pipe and the bin on purpose to rest there.

This morning I noticed this. I since moved it back into the tank, added salt. It has bubbles, filter, and set the heater to 75F.

What medicine could I use? Mexaflix?



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Hi ranchuguy welcome to koko's :D ..lets try and get your sweet little ranchu feeling better first things first ,there is a number of questions in the white box up top ,trying to diagnose a fish without knowing water chemistry and housing prior and now (rubbrmaid you have him in now)is really impossible ..most illness is due to water issues so lets start there and work are way from there..we do not want to jump the gun on needles meds that will only stress him further..right now Pristine water is key and you salted remember 1 teaspoon per gallon and to bring it up tp 0.3 it is 1 teaspoon per gallon 3 times with 12 hours in between each regime ..also have you ever treated you fish with Prazi for flukes????....answere the Q's above and post back .and a mod will chime in when available to help you further in a diagnoses

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