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Water Change Photoshoot


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Well, I wanted to set up a small photo tank/container, but the container I was using turned out to leak something feirce. So I ended up using a small yellow bowl to do most of the photos.

All the pictures in the bowl are of my fish Ophelia, since the other two fantails at work ran away from the bowl screaming "Do Not Want!" where my Ophie swam right into the bowl. Of course, the other two fish didn't know that their reward for being in the bowl was a whole extra quarter of a pea! Hahaha, suckers.

Just for comparison, here is Ophie shortly after I got her a little over a month ago.


Here she is now


Sorry for the horrible picture, this is one of the only ones I got of Ophie in the photo container bofore I figured out it was leaking. She has gotten a little bigger, and her colors have changed just a little.


Ophie in her bowl


And the gang.



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since the other two fantails at work ran away from the bowl screaming "Do Not Want!"
:D hehehe

They are really beautiful. Ophie is getting quite the nice round body hey?

Tnak you all for the nice comments! And yes, Ophie is filling out very nicely (she was quite round to begin with too). I wonder if she is going to turn out to be more of a demeking as she does have a larger hump and a shorter tail.

Here are some more pictures of Ophie in her bowl (she seemed quite happy in her bowl. She really is a friendly, curious and laid-back individual. At least compared to the two other scaredy-fish).





I always hope she keeps some black on her fins, but it is already receding.

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Wow, Ophelia has an extraordinary form! I don't care what color she is-- that butterfly tail is GORGEOUS. Nicely done Nomi.

Thank you! My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw a tank full of these when I just randomly walked into a local pet store for a new leash for my dachshund. Of course, her being a tricolor and being so friendly was just the iceing on the cake. I would have taken all of them home if I could. I defiantly am going back to that store if I can take a 20 gallon with me to art school and want to get Ophie a tankmate.

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