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Worried About My New Guy


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I just got a new baby white oranda on wednesday(these pictures were taken thursday morning) and I did my normal quarantine procedure of a salt dip(only 2 minutes since he's little) and then I put him in my 20g with a filter running with a used insert from my main tank's filter and salted to .1%. Yesterday I raised it to .2% and fed him some progold and he's been active and eating and pooing healthy poos(last night before bed his butt did look a little swollen and there were quite a few poos on the bottom this morning). Then when I went to add more salt to bring it up to .3% today I noticed his scales were starting to pinecone. I went into crisis mode and changed out all of his water for 2/3 new water and 1/3 from my big tank. My tap has an ammonia reading of 1ppm so I hate doing this which is why I added some water from the main tank that has 0 ammonia. I added 1/2 tsp of epsom salt and a heater. His temp is now 76. I fed him a couple pieces of mmeds which he ate. He's still acting normally. I noticed a white poo in the tank, but since yesterdays were short and fat and brown it might be from constipation which also makes me nervous about feeding the mmeds. I was wondering what you guys think I should do?

current amm level is around .5 because of water change. that should go down to 0 within the next 24 hours and I double dosed prime - the ammonia was 0 before the change

nitrites: 0

nitrates: between 10 and 20 - a little darker than the tap nitrates

ph level 8.2ish

ph level out of tap 7.8 but i used aged water that had already went up in ph

tank size: 20g quarantine tank

filter: penguin 170 with cycled filter pad

I think I covered all of the vital info but if you want to know anything else just let me know :) I acted fast because he's little and I know if it really is dropsy the only way to save him is by catching it early, but I'm torn over whether I did the right thing by not fasting him to see if it was constipation. I also hate that I had to stop the salt treatment so early because it might be possible that it's caused by parasites that would have been killed. What do you guys think? Should I keep with the standard dropsy treatment? Here's a picture that I snapped while I was changing the water.

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You did the right thing Imber! Constipation would not cause dropsied scales. There is definitely something bacterial going on that is more important to treat right now than parasites.

Do the full course of MetroMeds and keep the water conditions pristine. I would get some Maracyn-II on hand. I don't know if you should treat with M-II right away, since your white oranda is not fully pineconing yet and you've got him on M-Meds. But I would get it just in case and wait for a mod to advise.

Good luck! I wish him well!

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Good I'm glad you guys think I did the right thing. I keep fresh mmeds on hand for ziggy's bouts with dropsy and this batch is less than a month old so I am lucky that I could start those right away. I do have some m2 on hand, but since it kills the cycle and my tap is so bad with ammonia I'm always really hesitant to use it.

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