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New Tank + 2 Telescopes = Happy =]

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last week, i purchased a 20g long tank for 20 dollar! i think it is a very good deal judging on the great condition of the tank (no leaks, barely any scratches and no chipped glass!) however, the tank did not come with a hood but came with a incandescent light strip. as joy and emptywallet would know, i didnt want to use the incandescent light strip, soo i went on and bought a new hood with a florescent light strip. despite the cost, which was around 40 dollars, i was still pleased with whats in my room, next to my bed! (new tank and hood!) seeing my tanks after coming back from a hard day at work is the best thing eveer =]

alrite time for pictures!

new tank


my telescopes!




thanks for looking =]

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very nice ..I love the look of those 20g longs !!!your fishies are two peas in a pod ....too cuuute :heart

Thank you hi-d! and Yes! i would have to agree with you, i really like long tanks!@ its like a really nice widescreen TV with 2 of my favourite fishes inside =]

do they hav names

unfortunately they dont have a name. i just call them black butterfly moore and red telescope...not really creative with names lol

Soooo cute! Your moor has such great shape and fins. Beautiful!

thank you JOY! he/she does have really impressive fins. he/she was in a 10g before for about 4 months. i noticed that she may have stopped growing (well maybe i see her everydayy, and i didnt notice her growth, but i wanted her to grow more, since she was the smallest golfish of all, so i got her a new home, and someone to swim with, which is the red telescope that ive had for almost a year now. he too grew alot =]

They are both very cute! I really like the orange/white one.


Thank you Kathy. ive always wanted to stuff him with food! but hes quite a slow eater. in my opinion, he is bit greedy lol. the other night, i was feeding them fresh frozen blood worms, and a majority of the worms sand to the corner of the tank. my red telescope would hover over the worms. when my black moore wants to eat more, he would chase her off lol. but little black more is persistant, so he cant really do much about her wanting her food!

a very nice chocolate butterfly moor! :)

Thank you Man yu! originally, she is black. i dont know if its because i dont really turn the light on since i am out most of the day and i have no plants...i guess its fun to see gold fish changing colors! i have a bubble eye who was originally black and now turned completey gold! i thought it was the coolest thing ever and right now i think his colors are sharper then ever!. but i do want my moore to stay pitch black! cross my finger =]

There sooo cute :)

Thank you alll!! thank you all for your comments!!

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