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Rip To My Oranda And Lionhead

Guest dmartins

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Guest dmartins

i came home yesterday to find my aquarium water super cloudy.....they had laid eggs the day before and i do not know what happened, but i found my oranda and lionhead belly up. the tank was a bit overstocked, but i checked the params regularly and do weekly water changes.

in any event, i scrambled to remove them and save the other two (black moore and fantail) by doing a huge water change. they are recovering now.

we took the two dead ones into the back and buried them. here is a link to the post-mortem pics:


the oranda had a "growth" of sorts on its wen which looked like bacteria. the lionhead was bottom sitting for the last few weeks.

RIP little fishies!

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I'm so sorry.... a double loss too... it's never easy losing one of these cute faced little creatures... two bunches of flowers... one for each baby :tou:tou

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