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Platy Having Her Little Ones?

Guest Bitz&Bobz

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Guest Bitz&Bobz


My female platy over the past few months has got bigger and bigger and i think she may be pregnant. She's a translucent orangey yellow colour so it is quite easy to see inside and there seems to be little orange balls?

She has been like this for quite a while, but lately seems to be more darker and around the little balls it seems quite red?

Yesterday i put her in the breeding trap because she seemed to be getting harrassed by the other fish alot. I watched her for a good few hours and she seemed to be starting to have them.

She was in the cornor, breathing heavily and a long stringy clearish white appeared, but it wasnt poo and then after that there seemed to be a tiny amount of redy brown liquid, that was at 2:30am it's now lunch time and still no signs of any little ones, other than what appears to look like a hair coming out of her. She is very still and is breathing really heavily, also the bottom of her stomach seems to have "dropped" ? if that makes sense.

How long do you think this could go on for, as i really don't like keeping her in the breeding trap, but i dont want to let her out as the little ones don't stand a chance against my tetra's :(

Thanks in advance.

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