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Some Old Photos

Guest Halloween

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Guest Halloween


This is my great-great-grandmother when she was 6 months old. The picture was taken in February of 1915. Norma Edith Marie Johnson.


Norma and her mother at age 4 years. Would make it about 1920.


That's her on the far left, and HER grandmother. I think this was taken in the mid to late 20's. I don't know when it happened or who did it but this picture was clearly restored and then reprinted, that's why it's SO clear compared to the others.


Norma on the left with her mother. Clearly the 1930's.


And then here she is in 1990. She passed away in 2003. She lived such a spirited and wonderful life. I can only hope to turn out like her and inherit her "knack for living"


My great-great-grandfather Willard. Him and Norma would grow up and marry :)


My late grandmother Carolyn and her father.


My grandpa! (Ronald) :D I absolutely LOVE this picture.


My mother! :D She'd be SO mad if she knew I was posting baby pictures of her all over the internets.

So just to clarify the family tree goes like this;

Norma and Willard are the parents of Ron.

Ron and Carolyn are the parents of my mother.

I love genealogy so much! I plunked out the 30 bucks to view Ancestry.com's stuff and had a blast!!!!!!! I recommend everyone do it!

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I love the photos! I love to see how your family looked when they were younger because you only really know them when they are much much older, you sometimes don't realise that they were young once too :)

I see your great-great grandmother was only born in the early 1910's? Thats crazy! My grandmother was born not much after then hehe!

Heres the only few I have..

My great grandmother, this was taken in the early 1900's, she died at 25 from tuberculosis..


My grandmother and grandfather in the early 1950's with my uncle and mum (in the pram)


My mum at the beach, can see she was working on her tan even in a black and white photo! Late 50's I guess


Mum in the marching thingo.. not a band.. they just march and throw sticks and things.. whats it called?? 70's I guess


Oh oh and this one of my grandmother (60's/70's?) looking like dame edna going to bowls :P


Anyone else got any cool old pics?

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Guest Halloween

Love the pictures svendenhowser!!!

I have tons of photos but many are not labeled at all!!! So it's hard, what do you do? Throw them away? No... I couldn't do that!!!

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What I normally do is when we have pictures out looking at them and someone says 'Ohh! That is so-and-so' I go ahead and write on the back. That way, we know in the future who the photo is of. :)

If you don't have anyone alive or available that would know who the subjects of the photographs are, then I guess you will just have to leave them unlabeled and one day you may find out.

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I have researched my grandmother's family tree because it goes back to the pioneers. I found some old photos too. I will have to scan them but they are fun to look at.

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The only ones I have are scanned copies, mum has the originals.

My grandmother has a whole suitcase full of old photos! I wish I could go through them.. but she lives in Tasmania..

Majorettes are the ones that march and twirl the batons. smile.gif

Ahh so thats what it's called! Thanks!

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