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New Fishie Keeper!

Guest Leedsboi86

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Guest Leedsboi86

Hey everyone!

I'm getting a 68 Litre tank this week(YAY) and I wanna get some Fancy Goldfish(Fantail).

Anyway the tank has a Biolife filter and lights etc.

Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good guide to start with.

Cause I know ya don't just fill tank with water and stick some fish in and hope for best.

So anyone info would be great!

Also info on decor for goldfish, what they like etc


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Congratulations :Congrats: and Welcome! :welcome

This Goldfish Care is a good place to start with learning what you need to know, but, by far, not all you need to know, so read as many of our articles and posts as you can. Ask questions. We love to answer questions!

With that, a 68L tank, converts to about 18 gallons. Ideally, I would say you can only put one fancy goldfish in this tank, which would allow for ultimate growth, but, if you start with small fancies and understand that you would need to get a larger tank when they started getting really large, you can get two fancy goldfish. But, no more than two fancies for this size tank.

Also, please make sure you understand the nitrogen cycle and get your tank cycled before adding fish. Patience plays a big part in goldfish keeping.

As far as the filter, a filter for goldfish needs to run 10 times the water per hour as the size of the tank, so for a 68L tank, you would need to get a filter that moved 680 lph. You haven't said what size your filter is, but if it doesn't run the 10x/hour, you can get another filter for a combination achieving this amount. It is usually highly suggested anyway that you combine different types of filters (because usually filters are only good at one, or maybe two types of filtration) so that you achieve the best possible combination of biological, chemical and mechanical filtration.

There's so much to learn about keeping goldfish successfully and you've come to the right place for that! Again, welcome and we're happy to answer all of your questions!

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