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Guest BettaBlues

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Guest BettaBlues

I have no fish at this time, but am looking to stock my tanks.

I have:

10 gallon

5 gallon

30 gallon

I may or may not put fish in the 30 gallon. I don't want goldfish, been through that and wasn't very happy with them after a while. I am planning on getting a male betta for my 5 gal. I wanted to either have a small community tank (which I was hoping to have one female betta and some other fish) Now I am thinking I will either have the tank with 3 female bettas and if I did that I would probably sometime later make my 30 gallon. Or I would like to do a small community tank in my 10 gal that somehow involves some gouramis. Please give me your opinions on you favorite community tanks of this size, I would like to hear what you stock in yours and what will get along together. I would deff want a male gourami or two in my tank. I am sort of leaning toward that. I will be sure to post some pictures of that tanks as soon as I can!

Thanks guys!

♥♥♥ Mariah

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I had a female betta community in my 10. i had 45 gals, and they are very fun, but get them all the same size, same age and at the same time. they get really territorial, but will bond together. You have to be on the look out for nipped fins constantly, but with lots of plants (fake or real) to break up any strait veiws from across the tank the assasination attemps are kept at a minimum! They are REALLY friendly and active, and colorful!

some of my old gals




and their tank


densly planted, but so much fun

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