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Well, my two goldfish in my 38 gallon are doing well.

But since the other two (george and sherlock) died, I've been trying to find a new perfect little goldfish.

So, a little while ago i was in a petstore and found a very cute little red and white oranda. i named him gregory. he is in QT right now. He had fish lice, but i medicated him for it and now *hopefully* its all gone. He is looking really healthy and is just soo adorable!

I can't wait to put him in my big tank so he can be with Ferd and Stubs.

I do miss Sherlock and George though. If you didn't know, George got stuck in an ornament while i was gone for a few days and died :( and Sherlock... he just disappeared. But i think my snail ate him.. yikes. But then my snail died too.

So many things dying :( no good. But things are going well now!


oh, and everything is just peachy with my tropical tank.

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