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My Fishies And Tank.

Guest Oranda's R HxC

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Guest Kayla's Goldfish

I've had my fantail, and two black moores for about four months now and my blue wenless Oranda about a week ago. I'm just waiting for my Oranda to become even more beautiful and bloom. Any idea's on when he/she will begin to grow a wen?






Also, this is my comet wishing well when we first got it. It's changed and the fish have gotten bigger but I don't have a recent picture at the moment, I'll work on that. :)



There are five fish in the wishing well.

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Welcome to the forum! Cute fish you got there. Looks like your oranda is pretty small so it takes awhile for babies to get their wens. ;)

I love your wishing well--it's beautiful! The fish might outgrow it though--commons can get up to a foot long! :)

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Guest Kayla's Goldfish

Oh yeah. They are already begining to get big after having them for 6 months and I can tell I am going to have to get a big pond real soon for them. My fancy babies are in a 15 gallon and I know I am going to have to move them into atleast a 40 gallon but they are all pretty small at the moment, the 15 gallon is kind of like a grow-out-of tank and in the meantime I am saving up my money.

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