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Fishy Update

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I know I've been gone for over a week, so I thought I would fill everyone in on our fish status.

Let's see, let's start with the rescue fish.

Through Craigslist, I was able to find all 4 of the convict cichlids and their numerous fry a new home. They were picked up last Thursday by a woman who had a big empty tank. I hope they went to a good home-- you can't ever tell, though.

As for the plecos, 2 of them have been transported to a LFS 45 mins south of us. If they sell within 2 weeks, Thomas and I will get half of the profits in store credit (woohoo! money specifically for fish stuffs!!) After 2 weeks, I don't think we get anything because they have to care for them and all. That's okay with us, because I'd rather they go to a good home than get paid for them. The third pleco, however-- the 12" leopard sailfin-- Thomas wanted to hold onto. I don't know if he plans to keep him permanently or if he just wants to sell him for a great deal of money. :P

There's not much to say about my goldies, other than they're fine and back out in their pond. The weather has finally decided to stay summer and hopefully (knock on wood) it won't snow again for a few months. :rofl Reba thankfully does not have popeye as I feared-- she is doing just fine (and keeping her lovely black coloring!)

The fry have been keeping us on our toes for a few weeks. They are 2 months old as of Tuesday! Scaredy Cat gave me quite a scare two weeks ago when he got himself stuck in the plastic plant. The plant I had in with them has a boat-shaped bottom that is covered by fake plastic roots. I filled the bottom with smooth glass pebbles, but somehow he was able to get between the pebbles and the plastic roots. I kept saying, "Thomas, I can only find two of them!" but, as I am often unable to find all three of them right away, he wasn't concerned. I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTACK when I saw him in there!! He survived with little more than a few scratches. There was a nasty spot on his left operculum and some missing scales on that side, but they have since healed. His tail, I'm afraid, won't be so lucky. He definitely damaged it and I think it may fall off later down the line.

Needless to say, I have removed the plastic plant. The fry were moved into the 20 gallon, which makes it even HARDER to spot them (especially considering that the amount of summer sunlight is giving us greenwater!). There is some sad news, however. Twitch, who never grew more than a 1/2" and was struggling to stay upright most of his life, is gone. I wanted to euthanize him with clove oil because I hated to see him suffer so, but wouldn't you know I can't find the stuff in my area. I decided to just let him try to survive, but a few days ago he had stopped moving and eating entirely, with just the occasional sad ... well, twitch... to let me know he was still alive. Thomas and I put him in the freezer. :cry The next morning I thawed his poor little body and we interred his remains in the small lake behind our apartment. I said I hoped he got eaten by something big and strong, as weird as that may sound. Cycle of life and all.

As for the betta (which Thomas and I have dubbed "Se?or Dulce," which roughly translates to "Mr. Sweets"-- I think he looks like cotton candy), he has moved into the 10 gallon with a homemade filter made from a water bottle and a powerhead, and loves it. He has made two bubblenests since he moved in! We tied the java moss we traded for the gourami to a rock and put it in with him. Apparently our quarantining methods were crap, because now there are at least three baby snails in there with him.


Our aquababies are keeping us busy!!

Love you all and sorry I've been so absentee!

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:rofl I doubt he can be tamed.

Though he does seem lonely all by himself in the 50gal. Ever since we trucked the smaller two plecos off to the LFS for sale, Gira (I have just dubbed him, because I think his patterns make him look like a giraffe) has done nothing but mope.

Oh yeah, and eat and poop.

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Thanks lantern... it certainly is less eventful around here without all the crazy cichlids and plecos-- but I have to admit, I do kind of miss them. They were fun to watch.

I'm sad about poor Twitch, but he and I gave it both our best shot, and it seems he just wasn't long for this world. His siblings are doing splendidly... hopefully he can continue to live vicariously through them.

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