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Pp Question

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There was some prior mention of using potassium permanganate solution as a bath for newly acquired plants before putting them in your tank or pond. I hope there is someone here who can elaborate a bit further on this.

1. What sort of solution power should one use?

2. How long should the immersion time be?

3. Is the plant washed off after immersion?

4. If the plant arrives "bare roots," do you immerse the entire plant or just the part above the "soil line?"

5. If the plant arrives potted, , do you strip the plant to bare root and observe the answer to step 4 above, or do you immerse the entire potted plant, soil and all.

Given that this process is important to protect both the fish and the plant, I am anxious to do it correctly.



PS Is there a more approrpriate conference area to discuss pond and aquarium plants and practices?

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Very excellent questions! I have some plants myself that I put in a tank that later got ich and now those plants are in their own separate quarantine, so learning how to accelerate their movement into my main tank would be great! Thanks for asking the question and I look forward to some answers.

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Hi Oliver.

Here's what Toothless wrote about PP - you can find more solutions for plant QT in the pinned thread above entitled 'disinfecting', but this post discusses the use of PP with dosage etc

"Well, I finally bought some PP long after I quit using live plants. So, I can only go on the avice of others.

Dr. Erik Johnson says that PP does not harm plants at a rate of 4ppm. For a 4ppm solution to be effective, the bath should go for 2-4 hours.

I found a very in depth page about plants and it seems that a 10ppm bath for ten minutes will do the trick. But, they also suggest that quarentine still be carried out for the same reasons I stated above. http://www.geocities.com/koifla/Garden_Ponds.htm

To get the proper ppms down, eith use Permoxyn (Kordon), Clearwater (Jungle Labs), or purchase PP powder and make yourself a stock solution as per these instructions:

Purchase a one-gallon bottle of distilled water, weigh 285 grams of potassium permanganate, add it to the solution, and mix thoroughly. This stock solution will deliver a dose of 1 mg/L when delivered at a rate of one drop per gallon. Therefore, to achieve the desired concentration of 2 mg/L (2ppm), the stock solution can be delivered at a rate of two drops per gallon. The stock solution should be stored in a cool, dark area and be replaced annually. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/FA027"

I would read the whole disinfecting thread for info on time for QT'ing plants. There are certain stages of the life cycle which are immune to treatment, so waiting out the life cycle is a good precaution.

Toothy was so knowledgable and has disappeared from the board unfortunately. I really miss having him around.

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