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Breathing Use One Side Of Gill, Fluke?

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I noticed one of my fish is not active and stay at the buttom of the tank except during feeding. It seems only one side of the gill plate is moving while breathing. Is this gill fluke?

I do 80-90% w/c twice a week, last w/c was on Sunday. The PH is at 7.6, temp at 81F, nitrate at 15 PPM. All other fish are acting normal.

Should I treat the tank with Prazi with salt?


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When did you get this fish? Was he quarantined?

If not, it is very likely that your fish has flukes and the symptoms you describe could very well be caused by excessive gill flukes. I will always recommend salting and medicating with Prazi as a preventative measure during QT, and usually as a first-step treatment with symptoms like yours.

Have any other of your fish been treated for flukes? If not, I would highly recommend using 0.3% salt and Prazi.

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