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Not Emergency But Would Like Some Advice

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I have a fish named Columbus, he is about 8 months old and his body length is only about 1 1/2 inches. His tank mate Hoover I bought at the same time is more than 3 times his length. The problem is his mouth is growing in on it's self making it difficult for him to eat. He has a hard time getting even the smallest of pellets down. He is unable to eat as mush as the other 2 fish which is why he is much smaller. Atleast that is my guess. I try to feed foods that he can easily eat and a little more than I would normally so I know he gets enough. He eats flake, tubifex worms, and freeze dried blood worms pretty good. He just cannot get as much as the other 2. The other thing I worry about is the ability to pass water through his gills. His mouth is pretty much stuck open a bit and his mouth is alway opening and closing. He is a very active fish, no health problems, and is very sweet. Is there anything I can do for him? Can a Vet do anything to help him? I will post a pic when I get home. To give an idea what it is like, if you open your mouth and put a finger on each side then try to touch your fingers together. That is basicly what is happening.

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