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I've been staring at Eggyolk the past few days- wondering, what is he? I bought him as a ranchu but he has these weird growths on his head which protrude rather than stay all nice and gathered like a wen. And I was looking around sites, and I thought, maybe a pompon? Help! :newfish


The sly look over the wen.


A side shot to show what I'm talking about.


On a bit of an angle


A direct shot.


Swimming away.



Any ideas?

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Thanks for all the nice compliments!

Eggyolk and Patches do look a like with their little pom poms haha.

Eggyolk dropped eggs yesterday >.<

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I, too, popped in to see what the name was all about! :P

He....oops, SHE, is VERY cute! I love poms on fish - they give such personality!

And.... I LOVE the name.

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