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Wen, Or No Wen?

Guest Tankgirl

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Guest Tankgirl

So, you're in a pet shop, looking at teeny tiny fish. They've lost their fry-brown and all are fantails....there is one white fish, with a red head...which looks like it should be a baby (wenless) redcap oranda.

Questions raised:

Are there white fantails with red heads, which don't grow wens?

Can you tell if a small fish is an oranda or just a fantail?

[[Oops....clicked the wrong area...sorry for the misplaced post. ><;]]

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  • Admin

There are fish that are the white with a red spot on top of there head that arent Orandas, but to be able to look at a fish that is only 2" long and try to figure out if there going to be an Oranda or not is alittle hard from a LFS. Some fish show it really well as for others will show a slight growth later but dont get a giant wen like a true Oranda would :D

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Wen development is determined largely by genetic programming. If the genetic disposition is there for a wen, feeding high protien foods will help develop a wen.

When choosing a fish in a fish store, where genetic information is not available, you are forced to go by what the store lists the fish as.....a "fantail" will not develop a wen, but an "Oranda" should. Genetically generic Fantails and Orandas can look nearly identical when small.

Fish come in all colors and all color patterns. A "red capped" Oranda and a red headed Fantail can both look alike. If bred, genetically created to be a "Red Capped Oranda", the fish will usually (if of good genetic stock) keep it's markings - maintaining a red cap for life. A red headed fantail may have the colors drift around on the fish in common goldfish color change/drift patterns. Unless you are buying a genetically color-specific fish ("Red Cap" for example) it is best not to buy a fish for it's particular color placement or even general color, for that, most commonly, will change with time.

IT you are looking for a specific breed and do not know the pedigree of the fish you are buying, it is better to buy a larger fish that is already exhibiting the characteristics you are looking for - in this case, a wen.

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