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My Little Rescue!

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I was at 1 of my fave petstores today to get a new betta and some koi food when I noticed a little choco pompom oranda that had been in that same tank for as long as I could remember. So I begged my mom and eventually she gave in so I brought the little guy home. His one pompom is kinda damaged and has lots of extra orange pieces but he's still adorable! He'll go in the 29 gallon, I know it'll b overstocked but i'll get them a better filter soon, and my albino BN pleco, Mr. Pleco will go in the 125 gallon once he gets bigger. I named the little guy Brownie, and my new crowntail betta (they had barely any bettas left) is named Ciro. He loves digging in his sand lol. Here's some pics of them.





and 2 bad pics of Prickly in the 46 g (i'll get some of Mr. Pleco soon)



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thanks everyone :)

Congrats on the fishies :)

I've been admiring similar chocolate pom pom's at my lfs for almost a year now. I can't wait to see how your little one does...I may just have to get my own someday :P

lol im sure u'll get ur own someday ;)

Good for you for saving the little fish! It looks like your kitty likes the betta too! :D

lol, thats actually just a pic of one of our cats that ran away, but sometimes when we let our kitty in she'll sneak downstairs and watch the goldfish lol, but i dont trust her cuz she sometimes tries to catch fish in the pond lol (she's never actually suceeded lol)

Pom-Poms are sooooooo cute I wish they had them here.

Your crowntail is very pretty. Very cute colors

I just realized that his fins r slightly purple...how come I always go for the purple bettas? Lol my first betta Floppy was purple and the other 2 I have right now r purple too :D

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lol i guess so, i actually didnt realize he was purple until after i got him, same with my female lol

Brownie has gotten alot more tame now he used to sit on the bottom under his plant every time he saw movement but now he'll come beg for food every time :)

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