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Guest Tyrese

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Guest Tyrese

Does anyone know the average length or something when koi first lay eggs or age. Also, do koi only lay eggs once or do they lay like another 1000 or something next year cause I want to see some fry!

Also, what happens when a butterfly koi mates with a shortfin koi?

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Hi there, Tyrese, and :welcome

When it comes to koi, they are the rabbits in the fish world - laying eggs just once isn't in their vocabulary. They can spawn whenever they feel like it, and something as simple as a rain, low pressure system, or a water change can set it off. And it isn't as "clean" as golfish spawning either - it can look like somebody dumped some bubble bath in their pond. It can be very foamy looking, and it needs some cleaning up and water changes afterwards.

Whenever my hubby wants koi fry, he puts 3-4 of the adults into another pond (a rubbermaid container, about 160gl), and the next morning they spawn because of the change in water and surroundings. And yes, there can and will be 1000s of eggs, depending on the age and size of the parents.

I have seen one year old koi spawn easily, but the spawn was rather small. With the age of 2 they are definetely going to spawn, given the right conditions.

If a butterfly and a shorttail koi spawn, you can see all kinds of fry, from very beautiful longfinned koi to a regular short tailed one, and everything in between.

Are you prepared for koi eggs? I would definetely put the parents into a separate appropriate container, and whent hey have spawned, you can put them back into their original pond. That is much better than trying to fetch those eggs out of the parents' pond without damaging the fragile eggs. They'll stick to the walls mostly, if you don't have any spawning material in there, and it is very hard to get them off of there without damaging them.

You also need an airpump and a cycled sponge filter to provide some filtration for the little fry. A sponge filter is ideal, since it isn't strong enough to suck up the little fry. Anything stronger than that, and a lot of them will end up smashed by a pump impeller, or dying in the filter. You also need to be thinking about what to feed them - freshly hatched brine shrimp are best, or daphnia. Koi fry are slightly bigger than goldfish fry, so you can get away with some slightly bigger food right off from the start, like daphnia, or very fine grinded koi food. Almost grinded to the consistency of dust particles, really. Also be prepared to do daily slooooooow water changes.

Its cool to raise fry, you just need to bring some time, and some equipment. Plus the fact that you'll have 100s to raise and eventually find a new home for.

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I was alway told that kois only breed once, maybe twice, but no more then that. I have a store bought pond about 200 gals. What do I need to get some more babies. I know it is to late this year, but I have some butterfly kois I would love to breed :painting:

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