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Fry Get A New Home


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I moved my 10 1/2 week olf goldfish fry into a 10 gallon tank on friday. The water depth is roughly double what they had been living in up to that point. After the move I noticed about 3 of the fry were now bottom sliding, only getting off the bottom for short hops then sinking again. Of the three, one fry corrected the problem after about 24 hours in the new tank. The other two are still having problems. One slithers along the bottom, the other gets into the bottom 1/4 of the tank for short periods and glides back to the bottom to rest, usually leaning a bit towards its nose. Both fry are still alert and able to spot food and move to it to eat.

I also have one fry that seems to have aquired an air bubble on its stomach, and now has difficulties remaining upright. The fry is less than 1/2 inch long including tail, and the bubble is clearly visible without magnification. It probably takes up the front 1/3 of the fry's stomach area. I have no clue how this one fry ended up with a bubble there.

My questions are, should I cull these fry now, or is there a chance the problems will still correct themselves? I would think that by 3 days any with airbladder problems that were fixable would have managed to do so already. Could this have been avoided by introducing deeper water sooner, or is it likely that these particular fry would still have had the same problems? Lastly, is there anything I can do for the one with the bubble?

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I had a fry with that "bubble", I called her Balloon Belly and I decided to do anything to save her. She was enormously fat and swelled sometimes, bottomsitting sometimes. Her airsac was filled with air or water or whatever it was... I tried a lot of things, medication, sinking food and I was prepared to use a needle, but in the end I couldn't do it.

But I think it was the sinking food that was the best.

Anyway, she is 2 years old now and perfectly healthy, just very tiny! She even has babies!

Here is a pic of her as a baby...


And here is a nice pic of her as grownup!


So don't give up on the bubble one.

I have some fry probs too now, I moved three of the smallest to a tank of their own, and they acted strange, very scared and motionless in the beginning.

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