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Abnormaly Fast Wen Growth

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I am not sure if I should even post here but I'm going to anyways just incase somthing comes of this ..

ammonia 0

nitrIte 0

nitrAte 0

ph 8.2

Jelly my Oranda has this peice of wen on top of his head that is growing really fast ..I'm not sure how wen growth grows or works..but it almost looks to be growing a new layer of wen on top pf the old :idont first it started off as as uneven growth ..the closest thing that I can think of is a rubber dingy being inflated ..it dosn't look like it's ready to burst or anything ..it's just growing faster than the rest of his wen ..he is acting normal ..the only thing that I can think of is a few months back he got sucked up into the python head first and damaged some wen..but healed pretty quickly ...I wish I had a pic but batteries have not been replaced yet in the cam ..soo ant Ideas ? :unsure: ..

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That's a tough one Heidi without a pic. It could just be a wen growth spurt I suppose, especially if he's acting normally :)

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