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Pictures And A Question


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This is a bit of a double post, one to show how huge my fish are getting and to ask a question about a growth on Frida!

First the pictures!


Frida (orange fantail), Pompe Magnus (PomPom) and my Moor Sketti!


Now the question. Frida lost a scale a few months back, I salted the tank and kept an eye on it. A small bump appeared and just kept getting bigger. I'd say the time frame for this was about 3-4 months.

Has anything like this ever happened to your fish?

This one is probably the best shot that I have of the bump. It doesn't look infected or painful, shes not flashing or lethargic, always hungry so I'm not hugely concerned, but if there is a way to maybe treat this I would love to know (if it envolves me cutting it off, Ill just leave it alone.



And this one is just to show how big she is compared to my hand! I had to buy a bigger net to catch her in!


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And I have had fish with a bump like that that, over time, turns a bit whiter and enlarges. It turns out to be a very slow growing bacterial infection - one that can be ended when either the bump grows such that it opens, or I mechanically open it and clean it out. The infection never seems to go any further than surface, though, and never seems to bother the fish - it just unsightly.

I would not worry about it unless it grows or dramatically changes.

Pretty fish - you have done a great job!!!! :)

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Thanks everyone!

Well that settles that, I'm just going to keep on keeping on and leave it alone!

I can't wait till Fatty McNeil is big enough to go in with them! That will probably be about a year though!

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