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My 10 G Tropical Tank


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Hi guys,

Let me share my 10 G Tropical Tank. Initially, the tank was a hospital tank. But 10 G is too small for my goldies and I decided to use 20 G tub as a hospital tank. Then it is becoming a tropical tank.

Here is the front view


Side View


Pictures of some plants





Pictures of fish

Cardinal Tetra


Otos are eating their dinner


Hope you enjoy!!!

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Your tank looks really nice! I love all the different plants.

The photo of the otos on the cucumber made me smile. Then I went back to the first photo, and they are hanging out having dinner in that one too! :)

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Ah, if only my 10 gallon tropical tank looked so nice.... Maybe someday! :rolleyes:

Stupendous! :clapping::thumb:

Love the cardinal tetras, I had to settle for neons since no pet stores around here had them. I bet they love all the cover to sneak around in! I'd also bet that it's hard to find all your fish sometimes! :)

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