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Questions About 10 Day Old Frys

Guest palavradan

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Guest palavradan

hello again,

my frys are very well with your suggestions. they are 10 days old now. thank you. but i have more questions if you have time to answer.

- do i need to use a biostarter for example "sera nitrivec" for the nitrogen circle. they are in a new tank and they have fresh water also i change the water as an amount of %10-20 every day. maybe i can use the a little aquarium water for the fry tank?

- when can i use a filter?

- do the fry need extra light?

thanks to everybody...

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Hello again palavradon. Congratulations on the first 10 days :exactly I think at about this time the fry will begin to produce ammonia at dangerous levels and you really need to find some way of dealing with this asap.

Biostarter products are not really a good idea for fry in my opinion. The very best thing would be to use some of the filter media from your main fish tank and "seed" a new sponge filter for the fry. This should be done soon to utilise the ammonia and nitrites and implement an immediate complete nitrogen cycle. Because the fry are so small this kind of media transfer is almost always successful. But you should still use test drop kits to check that a nitrogen cycle has been transferred.

You should start using a filter as soon as you can get a safe one rigged up. Most people recommend a very gentle filter is set up before the end of the first week.

A corner internal filter is what I have used. I filled the canister with sponge media from the main tank filter (straight from the tank without cleaning it, or a brief rinse if you haven't rinsed the media in a while) and wrapped it in a hose stocking so that inquisitive fry do not get sucked in or caught.

You can also make your own sponge filter. Here is a link how.

I don't think light does not have to be any more or less with fry. Light in the day and darker at night. I used flourescent overhead strip lighting for the day time to see the fry better and perhaps it brings out colors faster, I am not sure but certainly they should be turned off at night if you use them.

Be sure to keep us posted with updates please :)

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