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New Fish And Would-be Parents!

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Alrighty, well I've got some photos and videos of Roxanne and Roman trying to spawn. It's really funny-- she is SO much bigger than him!





Annnndd introducing Ruby!! Empty-tank syndrome finally got me. :D






Hope you enjoyed. :)

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The first video is working, but the second two say "oops, no video". Your Roxanne looks just like my Betsy! Any your Ruby looks just like my Clementine!

Good luck with the spawning -- did you warm your water?

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The first two videos should work now, and the third will work in a bit. I had some trouble and had to reupload them. :P

I already told you Betsy looks like Roxanne. Don't you just LOVE lemonheads?! :heart:heart

Yep, that is some WARM water. Let's hope for results!!!

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LOL bless his little self, he try's so hard. great pic's and, if you could'nt guess i love the vids lol

It is quite hilarious, isn't it? :D She's just not into him!

They still haven't spawned... I think his feelings got hurt and he gave up. :P

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