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Emaciated Fish - No Treatment?

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Hi all,

Sigh, I lost a fish recently. Very disappointing, and after reading I lost hope that nothing can be done. It's too late now for this one, but I wanted to get everyone's feedback.

I got a telescope fantail and an active black ranchu of the same size in feb. They were both healthy looking, the ranchu extremely active. The telescope had cataract-like whiteish colour in its eye lens. I was quite certain it could not see well, but it could at least smell and graze for food. They were both doing very well in the quarantine tank, with good water conditions etc.

I was away for work for 2+ days and did not feed them then as I thought it was ok (I do feed every other day, or once a day usually). And the ranchu has bitten a a good amount on the side of the poor fantail. There was no fungus, and the fantail was sitting, so I took the ranchu away to another tank where it's doing very well still. I note that the ranchu does bully, I've seen it in the past, but not as ferocious.

Now, the fantail never got better. I used melafix, and in fact it became emaciated. In the first few days it did swim occasionally to graze, then sit. It seemed to be eating and pooping while it is wasting away. I read around that there is no cure at this stage, so it was really sad to watch. The wound had very little red patches, but no fungus. I was hopeful that it would get better when I saw that it was eating and pooping, but it still got even skinnier and eventually passed on. I feel awful for not having the will of putting it down :(

Anyway, I thought that if it was a stronger fish, it would have survived. Maybe it's one of those cases where the fish will never make it in a community tank. It will be picked on, and it will be too weak to survive. I don't learn my lesson my picking hardy fish do I. Is this how you guys feel over here?

What are everyone's thoughts? Is there really no cure for when fish start wasting away? This is my first time seeing this. Meds are very limited here. I did try to feed flagyl, added just a bit of sea salt, and I had tetracycline which I didn't end up using as I didn't want to mix meds.

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Fish do have personalities and there may be times when fish just don't work out well together. I have noticed that fish with bully tendencies get especially aggressive when they are not fed/fasted. And very passive fish may sometimes be lethargic due to ongoing internal issues.

I think with your fish some kind of infection was introduced via the biting probably and it couldn't fight it off. Those cloudy eyes from the start also means the fish was not in peak condition when you got him, even if he appeared fine otherwise.

Emaciation is always very serious. And hard to treat.

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